Every now and again I have nothing good to say about anything or anyone. Then I go silent. To top it off I have just been in such a crappy mood that I can barely stand to be around myself.

I hate the waiting game I have to do until my next cycle and I hate traffic and I hate Eskom.

The only little ray of sunshine I can see is that I won 2 return tickets to Singapore with Ballz Radia and Singapore Air. I might just save them for the next 6 months and use them if I have to go to Japan for that procedure. Else I will have to go back to Asia with hubby for a holiday – he looked happy that flights were free, but the last time we were in Thailand…was supposed to be our first and last time to Asia.

I am cautiously optimistic and have started to get together some awesome stuff for Baby-To-Be. Stuff in the box comes from Sticky-Fudge, BE beautiful Earth, some toys and lots of hope and love.

Hubby and I will as per usual not do anything for Valentine’s Day as I’m just not into that commercial nonsense. Call me unromantic. Whatever.

Saturday we might do the Lonehill Parkrun thing again. Need the Vitality points. Sigh. Sunday we will as per usual go to Rietfontein in Paulshof – love that place.

Anyway, that is me for today.


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