What to do in Gauteng: Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve

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I grew up thinking that the Kruger Park was in our backyard – that’s how many times we went. One of my most vivid memories was seeing lions for the very first time. I remember pressing my nose flat against the window in the stationwagon to get a better view of these better cats. My parents loved going to the Kruger Park and I still do, but I can’t just pop over there… its far!

I was elated to be introduced to the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve just 2 shakes from our home. Not only do they have lions, but they also have a bunch of other cats and animals to look at.

Once you enter the park adrenaline starts pumping. Just after the gate the very first watering hole with animals, then up and down a hill a gate will be opened that keeps the predators away from the herbivores.

We didn’t get to do the animal interactions as we were at the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve for an easter egg hunt and the children were kaput! Next time we’ll do that…

When the driving gets too much you can always go to the Thatch Café for a snack or take on the bicycle ramps. You can also go to the Thatch Cafe and bike park without entering the rest of the park – which means it’s a free place to go! You can also rent bicycles here.

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