Phew, it has been a rough few days (weeks). Lexa was running a fever… so she wasn’t a happy camper at all. She also made sure the rest of the world felt miserable. I was running up and down the stairs to keep an eye on her temperature every hour. We even took her to the doctor… and now she is using an asthma pump on top of the ear infection and fever meds she had to take.
She is all better now and back to her normal talkative self.
On the plus side, Prima Toys sent her one of these Rhino Coin Banks and she gave it a soppy kiss. BTW if you buy one a portion of the sales go towards the conservation of Rhinos – you can also donate online: (I did).

So we took her to Johannesburg Zoo

We finally took Lexa to the zoo on heritage day… and she was interested in the animals but quickly got bored. Apparently the animals we not black cats scattering at the mere sight of her.
I took this awesome shot of her in front of the elephant and rhino enclosures. She will never be able to say that we didn’t take her places!
I think I was more excited to see all the cats (as I’m a cat lady) – more than anyone else. I was already half dehydrated, but I dragged hubby and the kid to each cat enclosure… Yes, I prefer seeing them in the wild as it makes me sad to see them so sad looking.

Other animals at the zoo…

There is one exhibition that really wowed me… the fish in the Amazon exhibition. The have a tank that you can walk under in a tunnel. The fish swim above and to your sides… it is amazing.

Anyway we will attempt to take her back when she is a bit older – hopefully she will appreciate the sight of a rhino more.


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      It really is an amazing outing. PS, if you have The Entertainer App you get a buy 1 get 1 free for adults!

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