I have been using Yungskin for just over a month now. At first I was quite skeptical… but was pleasantly surprised by this local beauty range.

When I went to the introduction/launch and they talked about the ingredients, vegan-friendly, paraben-free and the like – I was quite keen to try it out. I can now say that I believe them – my skin didn’t become irritated and it looks like I did a radical treatment to have it looking younger.

Yungskin Natural Beauty

What I liked about the Yungskin range

I am going to put this out there, this range is quite different from the normal “drugstore” ranges I have ever used. Everything in this range smells like flower blossoms – without the cheap chemical smell you sometimes get.

When I was in high school I used a range made from Avocado by a company near Tzaneen. It was also all natural and really amazing on my skin – but then I couldn’t get my hands on it when I moved to Joburg – Yungskin, reminds me of that.

  • The Yungskin Night Cream is really nice and thick and the next morning my skin looked hydrated. It also seemed to get rid of the frown lines between my eyes… bonus!

Yungskin Night Cream

  • The Yungskin Day Cream wasn’t oily. My makeup stayed on without looking melted…

Yungskin Day Cream

  • Yungskin Toner – I usually don’t like to use toner as it always feels sticky. However the toner from this range I didn’t mind because it went on and it felt nice, non-sticky. The price on this is R100 for 100ml – so it is definitely affordable.

  • Yungskin Face Wash – I used it for a whole month at night only and I’m not even half into the bottle. At R90 for a 100ml I would buy it again. The blossom aroma I loved!

  • Yungskin FOOD – I really liked the drops in my water! It didn’t change the taste and it may just be psychological, but I felt energised. I generally don’t drink any vitamins as I can’t get pills down, but this just goes into my water. It is a 30ml bottle for R175 – but you only take 10 drops in the morning… so it can last more than a month. It contains:
    • Minerals – Silica; Magnesium Phosphate; Calcium Fluoride; Potassium Sulphate; Sodium Phosphate
    • Stress Essence – Containing the essences of the following flowers: Comfrey; Dune Calendula; Dandelion; Lavender; Pelargonium; Sweet Pea; Orange Pincushion; Sweet Chestnut; Larch

  • Yungskin Sunscreen SPF 40 – spent a day out at the Voortrekker Monument and my face, neck and shoulders didn’t get burnt. I love the consistency, it wasn’t oily and it feels like it moisturises as well. Definitely keeping this in my travel bag.

What I didn’t like about Yungskin

  • The day cream is really thick – and I had to check, on the days I go makeup free, that I had no white cream stripes on my face. The day cream felt heavy as I applied, but worked fine with my makeup. I also had to apply sunscreen on top of the day cream… I prefer an all in one.
  • When I finally checked out the pricing on the website I almost fell on my back. The day and night cream is waaaaay out of my budget at R395 and R410 for a 50ml tub! The rest of the items compare in price with similar products.

If you want to splurge on a vegan-friendly beauty range – Yungskin should definitely be on your shopping list.

The world’s first energy-infused skincare line based on Acupuncture face-lift points.

Yungskin is a natural-based skincare range manufactured in South Africa. The first of its kind, it was developed on the principles of homeopathy and acupuncture. Created by renowned homeopath and acupuncturist Dr Philip Sherwin, Yungskin products are energised using quantum energy science and cellular stimulation principles. The products are infused and energised through a high-tech process in order to stimulate acupuncture face lifting points on the face and neck at a deep cellular level. When used correctly, the range can yield the same results as an acupuncture face lift procedure, but without the needles and the pain. Yungskin products regenerate the skin’s natural vitality and youthfulness, reduces fine lines and wrinkles significantly and with regular use, the skin takes on a more youthful appearance.

The products were designed to complement one another, and to achieve the best results, a five-step approach is recommended: Wash – Tone – Moisturise – Feed – Sunscreen.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. Beautiful review but rather skeptical about changing my face brands. I also have to look what my pocket can afford.

    • Susann Reply

      I’m with you there – I look at price from 10 angles because I have bought some very expensive products in the past… and they did nothing. I am considering buying the face wash and night cream of this range as I can definitely get at least 2 months out of the containers.

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