Last week was an exceptionally stressful week for me. The previous Friday I was in at the fertility clinic (and wrote all about it here) and then we had to wait for news.

…but on Monday, out of the blue, a wonderful package arrived from Matsimela Home Spa.

I have been in desperate need of a day at the spa for months now, but I don’t have even half a day to indulge. So when Saturday rolled around and I was still waiting for news… I unwrapped the bath bombs and finally had my mini spa day – at home. Just to top it off I used almost everything in my gift bag. I even sat out on the patio in the sun with the Rose and Litchi bath soak open next to me to feel like I’m in a garden.

This, by the way, was the first day hubby took out Lexa – so I could take advantage of the peace and quiet and use the only bath in the house that just happens to be in little Lexa’s room. (It used to be our main bedroom. Sigh, now we only have a shower.)

…and guess what, the next day my good news came through!

Even though I received this as a gift, I have bought a lot from Matsimela over the years. I am a huge fan of South African products… and it’s a bonus when it’s as beautifully made as this.

It is almost Christmas and if you don’t want to break the bank but still like to buy something special – this is the answer. My sister and mom already received Matsimela products for their birthdays this year 🙂

For me, when I find a product line that I love, I try everything they have – and you will find their products in my car, handbag, desk or next to the couch. I will even sneak hand cream into hubby’s car – and sometimes he even lays claim to it.

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      It always looks like I sell hand creams… I have way too many in my car!

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