I have been walking around feeling like an emotional basket case. I just can’t seem to reign in the tears that well up and finally started drinking something that will calm me down (prescription).

I don’t know which is worse – tears or not feeling anything.

It will be interesting to stay on my own for the first time in years as my husband is already on a work assignment near our holiday home. At least he made me dinners so I won’t starve! My cat will appreciate the alone time with me as my husband took the 2 small cats with.

I have really been struggling on getting the Chinese medicines down and keeping them down. I really feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume I have to ingest daily.

Am I making any sense today or am I rambling? It feels like my writing isn’t quite flowing.

Some Shopping

I also visited the FOREVER NEW outlet at World Wear last weekend. Prices definitely were lower than the Sandton Store. Obviously they don’t have the latest and greatest, but… when your budget isn’t that great it’ll do just fine.


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