8 days into the year and here goes my first post for 2014

My holiday was amazing. I love Ballito and I love the sea. For me staying in Ballito is like being in one of those sleepy towns (if you don’t try to shop). At 7 in the morning you have the waves all to yourself and by 9 you can still venture into “town” for a bite.

The biggest wish I have is to move down to Ballito full-time and get paid as well as a Sandtonite. I would love to open a beach bar with a big screen TV – just like in Barcelona. A girl can dream, can’t she?

My holidays may be amazing, but getting to the point of being able to afford a holiday home wasn’t easy – and it still isn’t with all the work that went into making it ours. On this stay we painted the remainder of the “little apartment” and next time we will have to do paint touch-ups (apparently laziness trumps the will to paint perfectly).

Rainy days at the coast never go to waste either. These days are earmarked as Factory Shopping days in Durban. Thanks to my friends at www.everything4less.co.za I knew where to go for the most amazing surf labels. I dragged my poor husband around Durban for 6 hours. I loved that he hated it…because I am evil that way.

The sad day of finally saying goodbye to the beach and Ballito came far too soon, but 3 days into work and I am settled and dreading the return of peak hour traffic.

Luckily I can start counting the days to Xai-Xai in Mozambique

Useless fact: I now have 18 bikinis in my closet.


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