With Barbie, you can be anything – including a cake shop owner that orders her mother to go get her some customers…

It’s fun to bake!

Once we set up the bakery, which was super easy, it was time to bake a few cakes with the pink and blue Barbie Dough. We filled up the oven “baking trays” and then Lexa made the cakes rise with the white lever. She added a rainbow on top of her cake and flowers on top of cupcakes.

She brought over our Barbie dining room set and a Chelsea and Ken as her very first customers. Her sister joined in the fun by paying her in 5c coins to join in on feeding the customers.

Included in the Barbie Bakery Playset

We received a Barbie with pink hair and a little apron dress included in the set. It also comes with a cash register terminal, 2 Barbie dough tubs to use as batter, an assortment of cake decorations, measuring spoons, cake cutter and cupcake tray.

The Barbie Bakery Event

We suited up in our Barbie chefs hats and aprons and was duly put to work in The Cookery’s kitchen to make our very own brunch.

The kids mixed, whipped and scooped before the friendly staff put everything in the oven.

Lexa was so proud of the “cupcakes” she helped to make and we were lucky enough to take home one for dad.

*We were gifted this set as part of an event.


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