Oh wow! Barbie shimmers when you push the button!

This Barbie™ Dreamtopia Twinkle Lights Mermaid™ Doll has twinkled and shimmered, trampolined, taken a bath and nap, had her hair brushed and tended to her herd of ponies. She is loved.

The imagination and endless possibilities when a toddler and Barbie comes together is one of the most beautiful things.

Make a splash with Barbie™ Dreamtopia Twinkle Lights Mermaid™ Doll featuring a fantastical look and magical light-up feature!

Dip Barbie® mermaid doll in water and watch her pearlescent tail light up in one of four colorful light shows.

Bring the fun ashore, press the button on her bodice and experience the light show without water.

Barbie® doll’s fantasy look is complete with rainbow fins, a ‘pear;’ detailed bodice, pink-streaked hair and a princess tiara.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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