You know that very end of the year feeling where you have to drag your tired body from bed to everywhere else? I got it. The tank is just so empty and I’m still working (very hard). I’m dreaming of relaxing, days at the spa and sleep – and until the 26th of December all of that will be just a dream.

Did you know that Matsimela launched a range of new “at home” spa products a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’m here to tell you about my experience using the Hand & Décolletage Night Serum as well as the Hand & Décolletage Cream – I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and…

Matsimela Home Spa

Hand & Décolletage Night Serum + Cream

Give me more, give me more! I have seen a difference in the texture of my décolletage area as well as my hands over the period. However, my hands seem to really get a lift from the cream after a few hours.

I have what I think is the world’s driest hands and feet so I’m constantly creaming up but never actually seeing any results. This is the first treatment that I can apply twice a day and see a change.

The hand cream offers 48 hours of moisture and has a SPF 30 – it is definitely going in my handbag!

All you need to know is that the new range will rejuvenate and protect your skin – and is for hands, décolletage and feet.


These products have been developed so you can have that spa day without going to the spa. They are available from Matsimela as well as Placecol spas. They constantly work on improving their product lines and have retail and spa ranges that are drool worthy.

What I wish…

Make the bottles bigger – and can I have it on tap? I definitely want to get my hands on the foot treatment as it was amamazing when I tried it on launch day… and I could do with a little of that.

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Matsimela inspires me to want to be better person. They don’t make a big fuss about all the good they are doing – but they should!

I got home the other day and there was a delivery from Matsimela. Usually I would take my deliveries upstairs, do some work, wash my face and then maybe by 4 open the box, but when it’s Matsimela… rules don’t apply. I grabbed my box, ran up the stairs and unpacked!

If you have 2 seconds… check out their Aloe and Shubaba ranges under Whats New! I want to try these out…

Here is what I know:

  • Matsimela is a kind, compassionate local brand that empowers local women.
  • This season you can own a beautiful crochet bag handmade by a local woman when you spend R600 or more. This applies to all purchases made on, Matsimela stores and selected spas.
  • Plus a home in Johannesburg who takes care of people with disabilities will be packaging their festive season gifts!
  • I am spoiling my mom this year with even more Matsimela goodies.

The beach bags are available in 4 colours – and they are super nice. Check out mine!

Since it is time that you get your Christmas gifts sorted, let me show you what was in the box…

MatsiMela Vanilla Sandalwood Lip Butter to condition and soften my lips. The butter is enhanced with Shea Butter and blended with Beeswax and rich jojoba oil.

Matsimela Ginger & Lime Palm Soap – This is my third palm soap and I love them so much! Plus if you’ve read my previous article on Matsimela you will know that Ginger and Lime has a few secrets 🙂

Matsimela Baobab Seed Liquid Hand Soap – As you can see, I’m already using it in my ensuite.

Matsimela Baobab Seed Intensive Hand and Nail Repair – This is a gorgeous cream! It smells a bit like sweets and while I’m typing I’m catching it in the air. Really lovely.

Matsimela Baobab Seed Intensive Hand and Nail Repair

If you want to know what home spa dreams are made of… this is it!

Matsimela Red Berry Kalahari Salt Scrub – If you have to leave me somewhere, please make sure you leave me with lots of this!

Matsimela Baobab Seed Kalahari Bath Soak – I can’t get enough of Baobab products… Plus did you know the salt is from a natural salt mine in the Kalahari?



When a product smells ‘pretty’ we sometimes forget to ask if there is more to a product. Well, I finally asked… if Matsimela with its range of relaxing products and heavenly scents is more.

You will be surprised to find out that each of the colours in the Matsimela Home Spa range actually has a purpose – and I’m spilling the beans big time! And btw, this is not sponsored – I’m telling you this for mahala.

Matsimela Home Spa - Beauty Blogger South Africa

Red – Matsimela Red Berry

Did you know that the Red Berry range is meant to help you detox and slim down? The ingredients, which include horse chestnut and natural oils, is absorbed into the skin and helps to break down fat cells!

Pink – Matsiela Litchi & Rose

This is the range you want if you want to look young (almost) forever. The ingredients in the Litchi and Rose Matsimela products stimulate the skin to produce collagen! Did I just surprise you with the best news ever?

Green – Matsimela Ginger & Lime

The Ginger and Lime range is the most popular range from Matsimela during the warmer summer months. Oh and it will help to tone and firm skin (just by the way) – and you can thank the 40 antioxidants in the ginger.

This range also boasts analgesic properties – pain relieve. So next time you have a bruise and have nothing else… try using your Matsimela Ginger and Lime.

Brown – Matsimela Vanilla Sandalwood

If you had a really bad day at work or feel so stressed out that you just can’t deal with it – try Vanilla Sandalwood. This range from Matsimela has soothing/calming chamomile in. If baby is colic… this might also be the answer – just saying.

White – Matsimela Baobab Seed

I have fallen in love with this African tree long before anyone started making beauty products from it… but now I know that it is the most amazing tree in the world.

The Matsimela Baobab Seed range helps with healing scars, rejuvenates skin and has a natural SPF of 4!

You have to be on the lookout for the Matsimela Baobab Seed cuticle oil and massage oil… magic!

More things you didn’t know about Matsimela Home Spa:

  • Their scrubs are made from pure salt harvested from an underground salt lake in the Kalahari. This salt is very heavy, dense and full of natural minerals.
  • They have a muscle gel (for all those lovely injuries) with mint, arnica and eucalyptus that can be used to heal bruises faster, alleviate gout pains (which reminds me, I should get some for my hubby) and lessens joint pains.
  • They also have an Aloe range that is suitable for kids from the age of 10+ with charcoal but free from parabens and petroleum based chemicals.
  • Matsimela sources ingredients ethically, supports upliftment projects and supports local communities.
  • Where possible they try to use organic or natural ingredients.
  • PS… you should also investigate their beauty products. Prices vs results = 2 thumbs up.

What I like about Matsimela Home Spa is that you can buy direct from the people that make it – which makes it good for your pockets.

I have to add a disclaimer, because you can’t just lather up on a bunch of products and expect results. You have to speak to a treatment consultant at one of the spas that use the products to learn what to apply when/where and how – ok?

I know there are some last minute gift shoppers out there, so I’m going to share some ideas that you can order today still and get in time for the weekend (hopefully). Mostly they won’t break the bank either 🙂

BaoCare Radiance

Help your mom (or yourself) to have a softer skin. I have used it for over 3 weeks and I can see the difference. My skin is literally glowing and less wrinkly. I still have a full post in my drafts about my experience with this Baobab, Jojoba & Pomegranate product all the way from Limpopo. (Retails at R182)

Find a stockist or buy online here.

BaoCare - The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel

Don’t be shy to add a make-up bag or something else from the range to your shopping – when you support them, you support local people.

Matsimela Home Spa Products

It’s not just bath salts and bath bombs. When you look at their website you will discover their little secret – they actually have amazing products that are affordable.
Yes, this is some of my own personal stash – after it was raided multiple times by family. The big tubs in the back… that is my dirty little secret to being relaxed.

Matsimela Home Spa The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel

If you can’t make it to a Matsimela retail store, buy it online.

They also have a promo with a free rose gold bag if you buy any of the Mother’s Day gift sets. Prices on the website start at around R55 and gift sets from R250. This will inspire you a little:

Light a candle, make a room smell pretty

I posted a while ago about what is on my desk and you would’ve spotted a Shearer Candle (Tropical Watermelon, R340).

South African Blogger and Freeland writer Susann Deysel
However, I picked up something from that I fell in love with the first time I saw it, a diffuser from Stoneglow. It has the message “And so the Adventure Begins” on and smells very sweet (sweet rose and pink proscecco). This costs R460, but prices start from around R130 for something smaller but just as fragrant. For your own mom, or yourself, you will find something that is perfect.

The Whimsical Whippet Stoneglow Diffuser - South African Blogger and Freelance Writer Susann Deysel

I’m literally buggered. I was sick for just over 2 weeks in March with bronchitis but I worked right through it all, because that’s what you do. Then we went off to Salt Rock so hubby could go help his mom on the South Coast to sort out his dad’s belongings. I took my mom along, but with being weakened from being sick, the humidity and the kid it really took a toll on me.

When I got back to Joburg a package from Matsimela was waiting for me and I almost burst out crying from being thankful. I actually just thought that there must be someone out there that felt the vibes I was sending out.

So, what was in the box…

Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

Bunny soaps that smell like delicious “tameletjie” or really nice toffee. I could barely believe that it was just a soap. When you lather it up in your hands it is just to die for.

Matsimela Bunny

An amazing palm soap in Vanilla and Sandalwood. Showering that first day with this bar of soap was like a mini relaxing spa. It’s like having a delicious luxury that I don’t have to share with anyone – and I love it!

Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

I have written so many times about Matsimela’s bath soaks – and not just about the ones they’ve sent, but also the ones I buy. It’s a little tub of heaven that you can just drag out (of your secret hiding place) and pour into a nice bath for a bit of relaxation. I have given so many of these little tubs away as gifts as they are simply divine and won’t break the bank.

The new one is also Vanilla Sandalwood Kalahari Bath Soak and believe me when I say that you need to try it.


Matsimela Sandalwood and Vanilla Homespa products

If by now you still haven’t gotten your hands on Matsimela products, visit and spoil yourself – or drop a hint with hubby, family or friends that you need to be spoilt asap! What I like about Matsimela is that you have so much choice and every single product just smells soooooo good

Matsimela products on spoon