My Matsimela hand home spa – new product alert!

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You know that very end of the year feeling where you have to drag your tired body from bed to everywhere else? I got it. The tank is just so empty and I’m still working (very hard). I’m dreaming of relaxing, days at the spa and sleep – and until the 26th of December all of that will be just a dream.

Did you know that Matsimela launched a range of new “at home” spa products a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’m here to tell you about my experience using the Hand & Décolletage Night Serum as well as the Hand & Décolletage Cream – I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and…

Matsimela Home Spa

Hand & Décolletage Night Serum + Cream

Give me more, give me more! I have seen a difference in the texture of my décolletage area as well as my hands over the period. However, my hands seem to really get a lift from the cream after a few hours.

I have what I think is the world’s driest hands and feet so I’m constantly creaming up but never actually seeing any results. This is the first treatment that I can apply twice a day and see a change.

The hand cream offers 48 hours of moisture and has a SPF 30 – it is definitely going in my handbag!

All you need to know is that the new range will rejuvenate and protect your skin – and is for hands, décolletage and feet.


These products have been developed so you can have that spa day without going to the spa. They are available from Matsimela as well as Placecol spas. They constantly work on improving their product lines and have retail and spa ranges that are drool worthy.

What I wish…

Make the bottles bigger – and can I have it on tap? I definitely want to get my hands on the foot treatment as it was amamazing when I tried it on launch day… and I could do with a little of that.

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