Gift Guides


I can’t do a gift guide a day or break it down to one for every person in the family. The one thing I don’t want more of this year is more stuff taking up space in my house. With this post I’m taking the guessing work out of gift-giving if you need to buy for someone like me…

Hours of word fun

A book with crossword puzzles! I started doing crosswords again while my mom was sick and I’m almost done with my first book with 50 puzzles (but have started a new one in the meantime). This is probably one of the most relaxing things in my life. It is a “not so expensive gift” and if given to the right person, you will make someone very happy.

Snap Happy!

If there is a Secret Santa out there that would like to spoil me, buy me film for my Instax Mini LiPlay! You don’t even have to think about it – film is always appreciated.

If however you feel like spoiling a very special person in your life, get them the Instax Mini LiPlay or printer – or even an Instax Mini… or any Instax camera. I have yet to meet a person that won’t love one.

A spa day – at home

Get them something from Matsimela. They have the most amazing products and you can pick up something really great without having to break the bank. You can read about their newest products here.

Burt and the Bees

Just joking… When you order something from Takealot and would rather add something else to your cart than pay for delivery, put in a hand or lip balm from Burt’s Bees. Whomever you gift it to will think you’re the Bees’ Knees. (I’m so sorry about trying to pun it out!)

Pandora, always Pandora!

Did you know that Pandora and Warner Bros. have teamed up to launch a Harry Potter inspired collection? I still can’t believe that Harry Potter is still this popular, but apparently it is – according to my nieces.

You don’t have to be a witch or wizard to wear these spellbinding charms, but you definitely need to know that you’ll make a Harry Potter fan happy if you gift them one of these charms!

Harry Potter X Pandora

I’m more of a classic Pandora charm girl so I would probably appreciate something from the Festive Collection more… The Celestial charms speak to me but I wouldn’t say no to Shine Bright or Blue Dreams charms either!

Pandora Festive Collection – Celestial

A tipple

I can throw a lot of beautiful content on how drinking a gin will conjure memories of South African landscapes, the scents of earthiness, fresh dewy florals in the veld or even the way thatch smells in the sun – but to be honest I’m just going to tell you that when you support local, you are the absolute best. When you wrap up and give a Wixworth Gin the recipient will know that it is a thoughtfully chosen gift and enjoy it more. #BeAClassic #wixworthgin

Just to twist your arm a little, look at… when you can support a local brand that also gives towards the preservation of endangered species, you get double the gift glow satisfaction.

A meaningful gift

You can donate time or money to an animal shelter (hint hint), be kind to your fellow humans or support brands that give back. I heard about TOMS… and this is what you need to know:

  • TOMS was born of a belief in a better tomorrow. Since 2006, the TOMS community has been providing shoes, sight, and safe water to millions of people around the world.
  • Since its inception, TOMS has given over 93, 000, 000 pairs of shoes, over 770, 000 sight restorations, over 720, 000 weeks of safe water to deserving communities and over $6,5 million in impact grants.

Visit to view and shop up a storm. #tomssouthafrica #shoptoms #standfortomorrow

For kids

I’m not going to lie, in our house there are more Barbies, My Little Ponies and LOL Dolls than anything else, but I’m guilty of spoiling my girls rotten because I want to play with their new toys…

You seriously don’t have to go big. I bought an egg with a packet of sweeties and a mini My Little Pony for Lexa as part of her advent calendar (and it costs R20) and she LOVES IT! I’m going to put it out there, for most kids as long as they can unwrap it, they’ll love it.

Ideas for your kids’s presents

  • Books and that includes colouring books
  • A toy from their favourite TV show (we have PJ Masks, MLP… Fancy Nancy)
  • A T-shirt with their favourite animals or TV characters
  • Puzzles
  • Fingerlings – these things are so cute
  • PlayDoh
  • The super new Color Reveal BARBIE (please I want one)
  • A pet LOL for their LOL Dolls
  • Nerf gun…

It doesn’t matter how much or how little you spend. Just spoil someone with a thoughtful gift – or just put down your phone and have an actual conversation.

I can talk about geeks, because I am/was one. Back in the day I used to be the only female in an office filled with male developers. It wasn’t weird, that’s just how the tech landscape looked. My desk was filled with toys (and it still is) and if there was something new to try out I was right there.

Today I am paying homage to my roots as a geek and have chosen a few gifts that gets my geek juices flowing.

This year I discovered Funko… and it is a horrible temptation for someone like me. There is DC, Marvel, Disney and everything else that you could possibly desire. So, let me start off with the Mickeys – because it is the year of Mickey afterall.

You can get Funkos on Takealot and at selected stationery stores. I didn’t add the Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse Funkos, because I’m not too fond of them.

  1. Funko Pen Disney: Mickeys 90th Anniversary
  2. Funko Pop! Disney: Mickeys 90th Anniversary – Conductor Mickey
  3. Funko Pop! Classic Disney: Mickey Mouse
  4. Funko Pop! Disney: Mickeys 90th Anniversary – Apprentice Mickey
  5. Funko Pop! Disney: Kingdom Hearts

It wouldn’t be a real list without at least one comic related item…

“Because no matter how small an act of kindness or generosity or simple positivity you put out into the world, it will make a difference.”
Wonder Woman comic

  1. I am the ultimate DC fan girl – because the Justice League & DC Universe has the only female superhero that matters, Wonder Woman. If I had this Funko she would have a place of honour on my desk.
  2. One thing that drives me up the walls is the situation with cables and all the devices that need to be charged… seemingly at the same time. I would love a Snüg Mouse Pad with Wireless Charger that will just sit on my desk charging my phone while I work. 2019 is the year where I want less cable frustrations – seriously!

There is something about being a geek with your head in the stars… This list wouldn’t be complete without something from Lush South Africa.

  1. Shoot for the stars – honey-scented stardust to grant all her heart’s desires. Fair trade organic cocoa butter stars is just the icing in this fizzer.
  2. American Cream Perfume – vanilla with a hint of strawberry and subtle floral notes
  3. Coalface facial soap – simply to wash the day off her face

There is but one place on planet earth that I call my true home. It is a place so magical that it can only be where all of Africa comes together! If you love Jozi as much as I do, you would want to get your hands on something from Love Jozi

    1. The Love Jozi Skyline wrapped around a candle holder, filled with a black patchouli scented candle.
    2. City map tote – A heavyweight, double-sided lined canvas Tote Bag.

    “A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable.”
    —Diana reminds Steve, Wonder Woman movie

If you recognise yourself in the following, then this is the gift guide you would want to tag your sister, friend, partner or husband on – because it contains the ultimate gifts for someone like you. This gift guide contains a selection of items that I either have or want… all from local businesses (because that’s how I roll).

You always wear something that has meaning or symbolises something important to you; walking barefoot on the beach wrapped in a sarong with salt in your hair is how you could live your life; you don’t mind being left alone with your own thoughts; watching the stars while sprawled out on a blanket is a favourite pastime.

A fragrance to remind her of Island holidays…

I have fond memories of beautiful Zanzibar and a fragrance that will bring a little of the Spice Island’s Magic is ⭐️⭐️!

I spotted the Boucheron Vanille de Zanzibar on Fragrance Fanatic’s Facebook page and loved the read:

VANILLE DE ZANZIBAR: An oriental vanilla woody, voluptuous and addictive. With the zesty burst of Mandarin, Jasmine Petals shake elegantly and release a sheer and ethereal floral charm. Gentle luminosity with a hint of juicy Pear brings modernity and colour to the top notes. Unsettling and fascinating, the middle notes surrender to the richness of Bourbon Vanilla. The Oriental sensuality of its black pods is combined with the amber and coppery character of Balsam of Peru to enhance its natural power. The creamy floral tones of Heliotrope soften this addictive duo. The generous trail of White Musks passionately envelops this exotic beauty with an irresistible powdery veil. A carnal intensity, tactile and irrepressible, is supported from below by the woods. Smooth Sandalwood and warm Patchouli wrap up the fragrance with charisma.

Eco-friendly Turkish Towel

Turkish towel, sarong… it all looks like what I would have in my closet and pack for beach holidays! This beautiful navy Ballito Turkish towel is from The Cotton Company.

  • 100% cotton
  • Eco-friendly, lightweight and functional
  • Highly absorbent and fast-drying
  • Size: 100cm x 180cm


A kikoi is a traditional rectangle of woven cloth originating from Africa, particularly along the east coast as far south as the Horn of Africa. It is most commonly viewed a type of sarong.

I bought my first Kikoi on Zanzibar and I love wearing it as a scarf, sarong, wrap and even use it as a blanket. To this day I still think that I should’ve bought more!

Mungo has a few lovely Kikois that you might want to check out.

A bit of bling with a cowrie shell

I love cowrie shells because they are so much more than pretty things from the sea. They are good luck charms – and you can never wear enough of them! Soul Design Jewellery has a ring and this necklace with brass finishing.

…and then this one. Sterling Silver ❤️ and it is pushing all the right buttons in my heart. Available from

Cover your head!

Now that I have body and jewellery covered it is time to cover the head. I love the sun, but I’m not really willing to become more freckled, so I usually wear big hats to the beach and pool – and even out to the park.

I’ve seen Emthunzini Hats around and what makes them special is that they are UPF50+ and endorsed by CANSA. I love the Capeline in beige (even if it is polyester).

Bamboo Sunglasses

Sunglasses I have a pair a day for 2 weeks but… I would love to add a bamboo pair. This pair from ThisGuy caught my eye… and they promise to plant 10 trees for each pair sold!

Keep on wanderlusting

When you travel you have to have a great shoe! I have a few shoes (and bags) from Tsonga in my collection already, but my feet wants these Venge leather sandals in rose cayak so bad!



It was an exceptional year of big birthdays and launches for Barbie this year – and I was there!

Barbie made her first appearance on 9 March 1959 – 59 years ago! Since then she has been updated in colours, shapes and sizes to be more inclusive. She now also has more careers to inspire girls to be more when they grow up – and it is for this reason that I’m including Barbie on my gift guide.

Over a billion Barbie dolls have been sold worldwide!

Barbie® Color Surprise™ doll

As a kid I would’ve killed to have a Barbie like this. You (or your little girl) can change the color of Barbie® doll’s hair from pretty pastel shades to bolder, brighter hues with ice cold water. Simply spray with the included bottle and watch her pastel pink, blue and purple hair become bold pink, teal and purple streaks. Use the four hair stencils (with iconic patterns) and stencil tool to create designs as you spritz water to alter the doll’s hair colors for unique, customized looks.

Barbie® Dreamtopia Rainbow Cove Castle

A beautiful castle inspired by the colorful land of Rainbow Cove™ will spark all kinds of storytelling. It has four magical play spaces and 15 pieces, that include a puppy.

Barbie® Cooking & Baking Ultimate Kitchen

Your daughter’s Barbie could have the Ultimate Kitchen playset with working features and amazing accessories! Kids will have all the ingredients they need to prepare delicious dishes, from simple snacks for one to gourmet dinners for family and friends!

Barbie® DreamCamper™

Now this is my favourite! It reminds me so much of all my family holidays as a child… We never had a camper, but we camped everywhere and saw so much of South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. I was a very lucky child to have grown up in a time where our adventurous spirit could still just hit the road.

The amazing Barbie® DreamCamper™ transforms from a stylish RV into a spectacular campsite – with 35+ pieces and endless ways to play!

Everybody wants a Fashionista that looks like them – right?

Barbie now has so many different shapes, sizes and colours that you might just be lucky enough to find your doppelganger in the Fashionista range. My personal favourites include:

Barbie® Fashionistas™ Doll 97 – Petite with Brunette Waves

Barbie® Fashionistas® Doll 48 Daisy Pop – Curvy

Barbie® Fashionista® Doll 67 Cactus Cutie – Tall

Career Girl Dolls – Inspire your Daughter

Have you heard of the Dream Gap Project? If not, click here to read more.

Barbie® Robotics Engineer Doll

Barbie® Chef & Waiter Dolls

Barbie® Astronaut & Space Scientist Dolls

This year is so close to the end I can almost smell Christmas cake!

It was a BIG year for us. First learning that our surrogate is expecting our baby and then finally holding the little ting-ting. Lexa became a big sister! We also found Sandton at the SPCA last year December and he finally moved in all the way from Polokwane mid-January. I got to go to Reunion Island with Lexa, my hubby, my mom (who got her first off-Africa passport stamp) and dad – and had a blast. It wasn’t all good news unfortunately… My mom got diagnosed with blood cancer  a month or 2 after our big island adventure – but she is still undergoing treatment and doing OK with my dad right by her side as always.

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.” – Marjorie Holmes

My gift guide picks for women bosses/boss babes

This year I’m making a simple picking of some of my favourite things that range from affordable to scandalous. I’m a Boss and I know what I’d want 🙂

“Smile and Slay.
You have to slay it in life or life will slay you.”
― Janna Cachola

Help her take care of herself

Not all gifts have to be expensive, but sometimes the more affordable gifts will become favourites. It’s not a secret that I love Matsimela products and that my house is stocked to the rafters with everything from fizz balls to hand creams from them.

Get the boss babe in your life this hand & nail repair cream because it fits right into one of her car’s cup holders – always ready for her to take care of her hands.

Baobab Seed – Intensive hand and nail repair

You can also browse through the rest of their website to check what else you can add into a nice little package. She will love it, I promise. You can also check out all that I’ve written about Matsimela here.

Help her relax a little

Everyone needs a little something-something to help them relax – especially if you are out there making business happen. This Stoneglow candle from The Whimsical Whippet is one of my absolute favourite things with its delicate notes of oolong tea, infused with bergamot and mandarin, are lightly combined with bamboo, lemongrass and bittersweet neroli.

Bling her up with something personal, but not too girly!

I love wearing letter jewellery, it makes a statement “It says I am who I am and I love it!”. I wear an S on my right ring finger that I bought from Lovisa a couple of years ago but I won’t mind adding an S to my neck 🙂 Hallo Jane has a nice little disk with cut-out letter and its not too expensive.

A pen to get contracts signed

I believe in rocking up to meetings with a good pen, scrap that, a great pen. There is something about holding a pen that won’t let you down and looks like it cost more than R20… (It is true what they say about spending money to make money.) Best pens in the world since I got my first one in primary school is PARKER. There is nothing wrong with choosing a Parker Jotter or Parker IM, but… once you’ve held an uber premium Parker you will want one for your business meetings too.

Parker – Urban Premium Silver Powdered Chrome Trim Fountain Pen

A sweet for my sweet 🙂

Get her a new bottle of her favourite fragrance or the one she’s been lusting after. I would highly recommend Olympea, it is feminine, but still strong. This is actually what hubby got for me for Xmas…

As charming as a modern goddess and just as disarming. Salty-vanilla, watery jasmine and ginger flower wrapped in cashmere. A divine potion of addictive sensuality. As soft and enveloping as skin.

A great business bag!

As a business woman I like to have impressive bags and shoes that attract attention – telling people that this woman has it made and they should be doing business with her. The bags that I would like to add to my arsenal are all made in South Africa and they are gorgeous!

This black and tan business bag from Wild Leather Co is amazing! They do have it in a selection of other colours, but… I love this 2 tone.

I can see clearly now…

The essential gift for every working woman that spends hours and hours on her laptop… My eyesight is perfect but next year I am going to get blue-blocker lenses and I will need frames that look amazing. This is what I’m looking at in terms of colour and style – this pair is from SNOB Milano. The best part is, it  is also available with blue lenses if you don’t want reading glasses!

MILF SNV09-C05Z Cyclamen pink frame

By the way the SNOB Milano Optical Collection has a magnetic flatlens clip-on feature! Reading to sunnies with 1 frame and an extra set of dark lenses is all you/she’ll need.