Fisher-Price Eco Rock-A-Stack turns Learning & Development into an Eco-Friendly Play Time.

Every year, approximately 26.8 million toys are discarded, causing a growing negative impact on the environment. Since many of these toys are constructed from plastic, which is generally believed to be durable, robust, and washable, Mattel is endeavoring to change this trend by creating eco-friendly products, such as the Eco Rock-A-Stack.

Locating goods that are designed with sustainability in mind can be challenging. However, selecting environmentally friendly options can now commence before a child is born, benefiting both eco-conscious consumers and parents seeking safe toys that encourage learning and development.

The classic Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack is recognized for its bat-at-rocker foundation and five vibrant rings that can be grasped and piled. This adorable present package is brimming with hands-on play that fosters dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities for infants aged six months and up.
Now, made from sugar cane, with at least 90% of the ethanol extracted, this popular toy is reducing your carbon footprint and plastic waste impact on the environment. Additionally, as a grasping, stacking, and sorting toy, it helps to cultivate fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities for infants aged six months and above.

It sometimes takes an interesting (or new) toy to get my two to play together.

Little sister and the animals all had a turn being pushed around on this little people train. Sometimes the little sisters escorted the animals off for a picnic on the lawn or to catch imaginary fish for the bear from the pool.

The Fisher Price Little People Big ABC Animal Train has sounds, music, lights and 5 little animals that the conductor can take on rides.


Lexa must be the luckiest girl in the world, because she gets to play with toys that I could only have dreamt of as a child. She received a Fisher-Price phone, you know that old-fashioned white, red, blue and yellow phone with the big round dial…

She gets to pick 3 toys to take on her daily toy date with the rest of the kids in the complex and I can hear what she drags along from my upper floor office window when they make their way there. Sometimes I take a peek and then I see her dragging a little phone closely followed by a little black cat.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone

  • What I love about this old-fashioned chatter phone is that it has these huge friendly eyes and they move as baby pulls the phone along.
  • The colours of the phone makes it a really vibrant/stand out toy.
  • It is really durable as Lexa has thrown it across the room into the wall, it rolled down the stairs and was sit on…
  • The first time Lexa saw me put the phone against my ear she giggled delightedly. Now she has big fat conversations on the phone and even presses it against your ear.
  • She loves to turn the round dial as this is the only toy she has that makes that sound.
  • The facelift from the old version to this is a win. The phone isn’t as boxy and the shape is a lot more like the old phones from the 80’s.

We always pack the Fisher-Price phone if we go somewhere, because she loves it and it isn’t the noisiest toy around.

In my opinion, I would love to keep the little phone for her one day, because old-fashioned phones never go out of fashion or favour in my world.

If you are too young to know how the original Chatter Phone looked, here it is:

Prima Baby just announced that they are now the proud distributors of the world-famous baby products brand, Fisher-Price.

Fisher Price Baby

Known globally as one of the leading developmental toy companies from America, Fisher-Price was established in 1930 and has grown from strength to strength, now including line of baby products that will give your child ‘the best possible start’.  Fisher-Price has always been notorious for the best in children’s toy products, and we have no doubt the baby products will meet the same standard of quality that moms have been trusting for generations.

From feeding products to gifting, décor, clothing and toys, the Fisher-Price range is an exciting new development for South African moms, allowing access to products that are quality guaranteed for newborns to toddler, all not previously available in SA.

The Fisher-Price baby ranges will be available instore from April 2018 through Prima Baby.

PS. I have one of the first products… and it is cu-ute! Check out this pacifier with natural latex.

Fisher Price Baby x Prima Baby

Lexa actually has that stacking tower so I had a little moment when I saw it 🙂

We have had so many awesome new toys to play with these last couple of weeks. So I’m going to share a toy a day post… because they all deserve their very own posts!

When I grew up I had die-cast cars, nothing fancy… but nowadays they make the cars so cute that I get jealous when Lexa runs around with her new toys.
Lexa got a pink (yes, pink!) Fisher-Price Press ‘N Go Monster Truck and it is awesome! She grabs it by the hair and runs with it and eventually when she sits down to play, this is when the Monster Truck reveals its true magic.

It is a wind-up toy but modified for toddlers. It can be pulled backwards to wind up or just press down on the roof and let it go. Once released it drives for about 2 – 3m. In our house that means Lexa chases after, cats try to grab it and me on my phone trying to take a video.

I need to mention that even though it is a plastic toy, Lexa has dropped it so many times and it hasn’t even chipped – so it is definitely durable. The rope hair after 2 weeks are still in place too.

Every morning I let her choose toys from her room to bring to the livingroom and she has consistently pulled the Monster Truck by the hair from her toy box.

Since I’m no professional videographer, here is the product video from Fisher Price.