Fisher-Price Eco Rock-A-Stack turns Learning & Development into an Eco-Friendly Play Time.

Every year, approximately 26.8 million toys are discarded, causing a growing negative impact on the environment. Since many of these toys are constructed from plastic, which is generally believed to be durable, robust, and washable, Mattel is endeavoring to change this trend by creating eco-friendly products, such as the Eco Rock-A-Stack.

Locating goods that are designed with sustainability in mind can be challenging. However, selecting environmentally friendly options can now commence before a child is born, benefiting both eco-conscious consumers and parents seeking safe toys that encourage learning and development.

The classic Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack is recognized for its bat-at-rocker foundation and five vibrant rings that can be grasped and piled. This adorable present package is brimming with hands-on play that fosters dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving abilities for infants aged six months and up.
Now, made from sugar cane, with at least 90% of the ethanol extracted, this popular toy is reducing your carbon footprint and plastic waste impact on the environment. Additionally, as a grasping, stacking, and sorting toy, it helps to cultivate fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities for infants aged six months and above.


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