Lexa must be the luckiest girl in the world, because she gets to play with toys that I could only have dreamt of as a child. She received a Fisher-Price phone, you know that old-fashioned white, red, blue and yellow phone with the big round dial…

She gets to pick 3 toys to take on her daily toy date with the rest of the kids in the complex and I can hear what she drags along from my upper floor office window when they make their way there. Sometimes I take a peek and then I see her dragging a little phone closely followed by a little black cat.

Fisher Price Chatter Phone

  • What I love about this old-fashioned chatter phone is that it has these huge friendly eyes and they move as baby pulls the phone along.
  • The colours of the phone makes it a really vibrant/stand out toy.
  • It is really durable as Lexa has thrown it across the room into the wall, it rolled down the stairs and was sit on…
  • The first time Lexa saw me put the phone against my ear she giggled delightedly. Now she has big fat conversations on the phone and even presses it against your ear.
  • She loves to turn the round dial as this is the only toy she has that makes that sound.
  • The facelift from the old version to this is a win. The phone isn’t as boxy and the shape is a lot more like the old phones from the 80’s.

We always pack the Fisher-Price phone if we go somewhere, because she loves it and it isn’t the noisiest toy around.

In my opinion, I would love to keep the little phone for her one day, because old-fashioned phones never go out of fashion or favour in my world.

If you are too young to know how the original Chatter Phone looked, here it is:


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