Dear Husband Santa,

It is almost Christmas – because all the retailers are telling us so with the decorations already out in full force. I thought long and hard about what I want for Christmas and I came up with a few things that you might not like.

  1. I really want all the walls in the house repainted – but we will have to do it ourselves. I don’t want a stranger to scare the cats and give our crazy Mona kitten panic attacks for months to come.
  2. I really, really want to paint the wooden furniture. I am so tired of the dark wood items that I literally hate them.
  3. I also want different curtains throughout the house. Can we start in the downstairs livingroom? By the way, thank you for putting up the new blinds in the downstairs bedrooms, they look amazing.
  4. I would also like to replace crockery, cookingware and what not upgraded to Le Creuset’s COOL MINT range. I started off buying the glass bakeware already in this colour, so please stick to that colour and make me happy. I really think I deserve something really awesome like this after all the years of marriage to an awesome guy like you.

    Picture shamelessly lifted from - Le Creuset COOL MINT
    Shamelessly lifted this image from
  5. Then I would also like a bed frame that is not just a base that came with the mattress. I have always hated this but lived with it, but now I must insist…

I know I am asking a lot when it comes to painting walls, hanging curtains and super beautiful Le Creuset, but it won’t be just for me, it will be for us. If we can complete the house the way I see it, it will be gorgeous.

Love xoxo
The Wife


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