It is no secret that I have been struggling with depression since we first heard my infertility diagnoses. Some days I barely want to get out of bed. Most days I don’t even want to see people anymore. I literally dread being around people and would rather sit in a corner staring at a dot on the wall.

I have been staying home most of the time (when not at work) and have realised that I hate the curtains, wall colours and even the livingroom. I have decided to start redoing the house interior to keep myself busy.

I have decided to DIY my home. First off I have chosen material to make scatter cushion covers. What do you think of the LOVE DOLL fabric? Then actually sat down and decided on colours for the house.

I loved the fabric so much that I bought a second colour combination! This is for our Joburg house.

I love neutral tones, but I want splashes of red just to brighten up here and there. In this case it will be the LOVE DOLL hearts. My chosen palette is a mixture of creams, browns and blues.

I also looked around the internet for some inspiration and really liked these:

Source: Lindsey’s Design Dilemma



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