2 years ago I lost my beloved Genie. He was mine for 16 years. He was the most beautiful little person who loved me right back. He meant more to me than anything.

2 years before that I found him unconscious on the grass after work. He was still breathing and we immediately rushed to the vet. He was diagnosed with diabetes – and I didn’t notice that his weight loss was too rapid for the diet he was on. He was in hospital for a week and I was there from 3 to closing time every day.

He got well enough to come home – with his insulin injections. I opted to do the unthinkable, to take on the care of a cat that is insulin dependent – who would have to get his injection at the same time every day. It was Genie, for Genie I would do anything.

Today I took my kitten, Sandton to the vet for a check-up. Every single time I walk in through those doors it is like a punch in the gut. They gave Genie and I as much time together as they could, but still… I was already emotional by the time I got home and then a newsletter from Hills about cat diseases, Diabetes Mellitus.

So here it is, a link so you can know what to look for.


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