I go through phases where I like something a lot. I would love a shade of pink just to change my mind to a lighter shade. My obsession with looking less pale has seen me use lip stains, lip balms, lipgloss, lipstick and always looking for something that will get me the natural shade but more oomph.

This year I have really let my love of fabrics run amok. I discovered Design Team, Zana, Lichen & Leaf – and rediscovered Stuart Graham fabrics. I also learnt about making my own patterns and screenprinting – so don’t be surprised if I launch something of my own on a much smaller scale.

Love Doll fabric from Design Team

I love, love, love the Love Doll fabric print from Design Team. I have bags, a cushion and 2 pieces of material ready to become something. I think it is the most adorable print.


This handbag in this print. I love wearing black so this will be awesome with just about everything.

My Cats

I absolutely adore my cats – all 3 of them. My 15 year old boy is the apple of my eye with his slight cookie addiction. The 2 girls are adorable and love their scratches. Each of them have a personality that makes them so unique.

Made in the RSA

I am a firm believer in supporting local. Not only are you stimulating the economy, you are supporting SA jobs. I would rather pay a little more to support my country than to buy made in China.

Finding the perfect foundation

…because suddenly the lightest foundation colour is beige and my skin is a few shades lighter than that.

Finding the perfect beach

I am obsessed with finding amazing beaches and getting passport stamps.

My worst obsession

…is, was and always will be my weight. I was always skinny until I had the infertility diagnoses. I am 20kg overweight and always have good intentions (and diets) but then I get bad news and that goes out the door.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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