Kiss them quick before they grow up! Little girls won’t be little for long, let them love Barbie pink while they still can…

We are getting to the stage where we are almost moving Lexa out of her cot… and can you guess which theme her room will have?

I have been walking through the shops the last few weeks to see what is out there for toddler rooms. I looked at mermaids, other cartoon characters, wildlife and more neutral bedding and I realised that this is my chance to create a room that I would’ve wanted as a kid.

We have bought two ¾ duvet inners and the pillows – still looking at single beds and mattresses. The plan is either 2 separate single beds or single stack beds with ¾ duvets so it is a nice big cosy blanket. Plus it is going to be pink… with Barbie.

I have eyeballed some Barbie goodies from Mr Price Home but first want to find the perfect duvet covers. The Barbie fleece blanket and Barbie heart cushion is on my list.

Barbie heart cushion

Makro has Barbie duvet sets, Barbie heart pillow and fleece blanket. I like the duvets, but I have a couple of months to look around still.

What else is in store for toddler Lexa?

Off the top of my head, she will upgrade to her Barbie toothbrushes, a Barbie brush and all the goodies that belong on her tiny little vanity table. She definitely still need Barbie PJs, a Barbie backpack for all our travels and a Barbie hat. (I probably would’ve gone out to buy her all the Barbie goodies for Reunion, but I am trying to get extra work done before we go.) She already has the day clothes 🙂

I really hope that my love for Barbie won’t drive Lexa away from my favouritest doll in the world. Just ask my nieces, I don’t buy any other dolls… not for birthdays or Christmas.

PS. If you haven’t yet seen the new Barbie ice cream… it is a yummy strawberry flavour and available from most Ola freezers.

Barbie Ola Ice Cream - Mommy Blogger



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