I believe in supporting local businesses. If I had to choose between that Made in China vs Made in SA label the choice is quite easy…

I discovered Find the Stoke in Salt Rock a couple of months ago and decided to hang onto writing about them until I learnt a little more about the people behind the brand. So I contacted Deon, the owner, and asked him to introduce his surf label to a bunch of bloggers in Durban and then I popped into the store for a follow-up chat.

When you sit and talk to Deon about Find the Stoke he literally bursts with pride. For him it is not just a mass produced surf clothing line, it is his passion.

Deon and his whole family are involved in the design of the images used on the clothing. They have a CMT (Cut, Make & Trim) person right here in Salt Rock. They print it in Salt Rock. The shop with attached coffee shop is right around the corner from Salt Rock Beach (wedged between the Caltex, Salt Rock Hotel & Salt Rock Country Club at the Coffee Bay Shopping Centre).

The brand is authentically Salt Rock with some of the prints only available to locals on pre-order. When you buy a Find the Stoke garment you will never be one of thousands wearing the same T-shirt. You will be one of ten – maybe. (That makes me want to be on that VIP list more – I do not like being excluded…)

Find the Stoke is all about limited edition garments made with good quality fabrics. They are an authentic brand with roots in their community.

Interesting facts about Find the Stoke

  • They were established in 2015.
  • Find the Stoke was almost called Tower 13, the radio calling sign for the lifesaving tower in Salt Rock.
  • All garments are limited edition.

You can get your coffee while you browse at the Coffee Bay Coffee & Surf Shop.

Find The Stoke Surf & Coffee Shop: 61 Basil Hulett Dr, Salt Rock
Email: info@findthestoke.co.za
Phone: +27 83 733 3103

When you get your Find the Stoke gear – let me know what you got!


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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