With Lexa I have learnt so much. You have to continuously challenge her else she gets bored or gets into things she shouldn’t. Meal times… oh my word, some days she tucks in and eats by herself and other days she wants to be fed. She loves macaroni and mince, don’t even get me started on spaghetti, vegetables she will take from your plate and go “mmmm”. She also has a taste for spicy foods, so weird.

Since we tested out the JJ’s sippy cup I thought I’d ask what other products they have available in South Africa and it turns out they have the coolest thing for meal time! Bowls that make sounds! I’m just sharing the information – but I’m definitely getting Lexa one, this is a gadget that comes in cat form and… I love cats, she loves cats and she loves when they meow!

Bring Meal Times To Life With JJ’s Animal Snackers

Stir your child’s imagination, excite their mind and stimulate their sensory ability with JJ’s Animal Snacker bowls, now available in SA through Prima Baby.

When every spoonful activates an animal sound, what baby wouldn’t want to laugh with the roar of the hippo or the meow of the cat whilst eating?

The animal sounds of the snacker teaches babies to accept new ideas and interact with challenging concepts – literally with every spoonful of food!  The magic spoon is activated by moving within the bowl and in turn lets out an accompanying sound that is either friendly dinosaur, cat, doggie or pig.

Despite being loads of fun and laughter for child and parents, the bowls are also microwavable and dishwasher safe too.  A strong suction cup keeps base secure to table or highchair to avoid spills.  Try an Animal Snacker bowl today to bring some new fun to meal times.

Ages: 10 months and up.

 Available at: Hamleys Toy Stores, selected Kids Emporium stores,  www.loot.co.za, www.thebabyzone.co.za, www.purplepepperz.com, www.takealot.com & www.sosobabies.com


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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