“Don’t shrink your dreams. Super-size your courage and abilities.” – Karen Salmansohn

You know when you know that a lead that came through would be a waste of time to meet with and you do it anyway – but hate yourself for doing it? That’s how I felt last week.

I have met the person before and his previous partner and I wasn’t too keen on doing business with them because I had an “off feeling” about them. They aren’t “skelm” but something is just not right.

If I can’t read you 100%, then you must be hiding something – and that is exactly what happened.

During my meeting they asked a lot of questions like “why are my services so expensive” and “can’t I just train the woman sitting across from me” and I said well, if you want me to train someone my hourly rate is x. The expression on this guy’s face because I wanted to charge for my time was quite a shock – especially since I know what they rake in a month.

When I walked out I knew that I didn’t want to pursue this client because I trust my gut. Later that night I got a notification that they removed me from the Facebook page I set up for them a few years ago… and I knew that I was right.

Their plan definitely was to get free services and string me along with the promise of a project. Unfortunately, well the gamble didn’t pay off.

On another topic…

I also went to Melrose Arch for an event and bumped into my ex-manager, the bully. Well, I didn’t bump into her, more like spotted her and kept my distance because I felt the anger rising the minute I realised it was her. Plus I had hot coffee in my hand and I like not being in jail.

Business wins!

I love that my hard work directly influences my income. When you deliver great services and your clients are happy they will refer you. I have landed another client this week in Cape Town and have an amazing new client at a resort in East Africa!

So if you don’t know it by now, I am a freelance writer, social media manager and website manager – and I love what I do!

This year will also be the first year I have to declare freelance income to SARS in a loooooong time. Luckily I have actually kept my books in order.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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