Sometimes you want to just drop the kid/s off to school and get home to your work but then you realise that the robot is out and you will take minimum 40 minutes to get home if you dared trying… Plus you know that you urgently need to do something for a client so you hop onto your phone and search for coffee shops with WiFi and then find a gem that you have always just ran right past.

I popped into Brewtown in Lonehill and ordered a coffee and cookie, asked for the WiFi password and got right down to work. The first time I wasn’t too adventurous and didn’t set up my photo as I was in a tizz.

The second time however I went for the mocha latte with extra chocolate… and it was sweet as chocolate. I spent about a R100 for 4 hours as I had a meeting there – it included a coffee, toasted sandwich, can of LiquiFruit and coke.

Third time at Brewtown I actually remembered to look at the name and what is in it. It is a Mocha with espresso, hot chocolate, steamed milk and cream. It should be illegal that’s how delicious it is.

So, if you are in a mood for Instagrammable coffee with a light snack, Brewtown is budget-friendly enough that you can have your coffee, cookie and a meeting there. Let’s not forget, free WiFi 🙂

My tips if you want to do some work at Brewtown:

  • Go early, they open at 7am
  • Sit at the long bench table to keep the smaller tables free for patrons
  • Get out by 11am as this is when the lunch crowd comes in
  • Try each and every coffee on their menu
  • Leave a tip in the tip jar

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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