I don’t know where to begin… so I’m just jumping in head-first, that’s how I roll.

I’ve been on some amazing excursions in Gauteng. The first one was a walk through Jozi and the pics are up on Instagram, but I will put a post together. Then recently Balance Wines invited me to do an Amazing Race through Soweto – and it was awesome! Blog post to come about the Soweto day and Balance Wines. So there is lots coming your way before the end of the year.

Hint, hint…

The next month may be really amazing or end really horribly. I might have news that will make 4 years of treatment hell worth it, or it may fall flat and I may become a puddle of tears.

Either way, I’m telling my story in Your Family in the January 2018 edition. There will be an amazing photo of my little family (and my make-up is to die for thanks to the make-up artist, Ryno Mulder).

The kid update…

Lexa is a tall 1 year old that towers over the 2 year olds where we live. She is really advanced in development and can figure stuff out very quickly. Her fine motor skills are marvellous. She also walks around with her bottle while drinking. She drinks loads of water from her cup (don’t worry we clean it very well).

She also loves eating from our plates… and that includes curry. Slurping up a spaghetti string is also a skill she has perfected.

Lexa really loves cats. If we need her to run, we just point her in the direction of a cat. She has outgrown her first pair of sneakers but I am prepared with the next size.


We all have our flight tickets for our Reunion Island trip next year. Plus the car is booked and 1 night of accommodation… and the rest I need to get sorted asap.

I have the itinerary, accommodation, travel insurance and packing lists to do… and for this trip I want to pack a little more stylishly so maybe find a few dresses that can go with sneakers. Maybe I will buy myself a new pair of sneakers for my birthday… you never know.

…I think that is it.


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