While on holiday I never keep to my resolutions of blogging (I wonder why?). I start the holiday off with every intention of sticking to blogging, but it just never happens like that.

We’ve been in Salt Rock since the 17th of March and the weather has been great. On my birthday it was overcast and I thought it would be a waste to even go down to the beach, but after eating my birthday cake the sun came through and it just so happened that it was low tide. I had the perfect beach day.

Terror on my birthday

On my birthday, while I was eating cake on the beach in Salt Rock, Belgium was rocked by a terror attack. More than 30 people lost their lives. Innocent people. Before that it was Ankara and Paris. Senseless murders by fanatics.

If you hate the west so much go stay on your little piece of land surrounded by landmines so you can’t get out to get your western goodies and favourites. Seriously.

Shopping for baby

In my mind, if clothes I want to buy for the new arrival is made from what would make my sleeves they should cost as much as I would pay for sleeves – right? How can a little T-shirt cost R300? I’m not the stingiest person in the world, but I really don’t like feeling like I’m being ripped off.

I would also like to know how a pram could cost R6,000? How is that even possible?

Where did you buy your big ticket baby items? Did you buy everything new or some secondhand? I’m considering buying an overlocker and just making everything myself.

Update – week 9 or is it 10?

Since I’m not really involved in the baby process and the surrogate lives extra very far, none of this is really real for me. I have never been pregnant and can’t relate to the surrogate’s complaints of morning sickness or cravings.

The surrogate spent 2 days in hospital due to bleeding – which was scary. So far, all is good again.




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