No jokes here, working with liquid cheeks (or cheek stain) like Benefit’s Posie Tint isn’t as easy as using powders – until you have learnt the trick. Once you know how much cheek stain to use you will be a pro.

Benefit Cosmetics - Posie Tint cheek stain and lip balm
Here is my blushed look created with Benefit’s Posie Tint cheek stain & lip balm. Please don’t look at my hair, it was the end of the day and I couldn’t care 🙂

Let me get down to what you are here for – HOW TO APPLY POSIE TINT CHEEK STAIN.

There are 3 ways to apply a cheek stain:

  • under your liquid foundation (more natural)
  • over your liquid foundation
  • over your liquid and powder foundation (not recommended)

If you decide on a more natural blush (like me), apply the Posie Tint first. Dab 2 dots of Posie Tint on your finger and dab onto your cheek to create your blush. (You can also use a brush to apply the Posie Tint, but I found that my blush looks better when applied with my fingers.) Dab and blend the tint onto the apple of your cheek and work the colour slowly until you are happy. Then apply your liquid foundation and blend over your Posie Tint cheeks.

Here is the biggest secret about applying Posie Tint cheek stain – use very little. When I say DAB 2 DOTS ON YOUR FINGER, I mean it.

If you decide you need more blush, build layers with your cheek stain. Take your time applying your cheek stain, you don’t want to end up having to remove it all and start again.

I try to create my Posie Tint blush exactly where my natural blush occurs, on the apple of my cheek and halfway up my cheekbone.

I found this cute diagram on the Benefit Cosmetics website that shows you their 3 stroke technique.


If you want to create the perfect look with rosy lips, you can use your Posie Tint cheek stain (in a pinch) on your lips. I would however recommend you get the Posie Tint cheek stain and hydrating lip balm to create the perfect blush.

Benefit Cosmetics posie tintProducts used to create this look:

  1. Benefit Cosmetics’ Posie Tint cheek stain and hydrating lip balm
  2. Catrice 010 Nude Ivory liquid foundation
  3. Yardley Stayfast Pressed Powder
  4. Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette – 010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood
  5. Maybelline Volume Express mascara
  6. Eyeliner

Just a quick note – I use no products on my eyebrows as it freaks me out if they are darker. I have had many make-up artists try and “make my eyes pop with even more brow” but it just doesn’t suit me.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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