Mozambique conjures up images of sandy white beaches and empty beaches – and that is why South Africans make the drive.

Did I ever tell you I had my “family wedding” on a beach in Mozambique? (My official wedding was at our house in Joburg on St Paddy’s 2010.) It was the best wedding I ever attended – no jokes!

I was as red as Rudolph’s nose from 1 day in the sun and glowed like a lantern in my white dress. We had family from Limpopo, Gauteng and Ireland and we had a big traditional mix going on. The ceremony was performed by a drummer friend of ours that looked a bit like a messiah with his long dreads. We even had the local tribal head and his 3 wives attending. We served pap and vleis with delicious chocolate cake – and as a gift a sachet with pearl earrings and Irish shortbread (all the way from Ireland). Then the party continued for 5 more days…

Getting to Mozambique with its amazing beaches…

Unlike South Africa the beaches have no lifeguards, but with the small waves it isn’t the end of the world. Swimming beaches are mostly accessible from the resort you are staying at. You cannot leave any structures on the beach overnight either.

As far as holiday destinations go, Mozambique isn’t cheap. Quite a number of the resorts are owned by South Africans and charge in Rands (or US dollars).

You can buy fresh fish from the local fisherman as they come onto the beach – most are also happy to accept Rands (or Meticals).

I will definitely add more posts on Mozambique this year as I am feeling a bit nostalgic.


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