If you are dreaming of being in Paris this festive season, but won’t be getting on a plane… I have some good news for you!
Nespresso has just launched the new Limited Edition Variations inspired by Parisian Gourmandise. The Variations coffees centre on the sweet treats synonymous with the festive season, and are inspired by the traditional flavours of Parisian patisseries including Macaron and Praline. These quintessentially French flavours will instantly transport you to a Parisian cafe from the first sip. These Variations boast two unique flavour creations and, in true French fashion, include a Paris Black espresso coffee that caters to those preferring coffee in its pure taste.
The decadence and delight of each of these three Nespresso Variations coffees are captured by their packaging, uniquely designed by a renowned international interior designer, India Mahdavi. Based in Paris, Mahdavi has created some of the world’s most iconic modern spaces including The Gallery at Sketch in London, Jean François Piège in Paris and APT in New York. Treating each creation as though it is a couture piece, Mahdavi’s influence on the Nespresso Variations is evident in the range’s pastel hues and playful designs. She has created a collection fit for the most discerning of coffee and design aficionados.
Mahdavi on the collaboration: “I sought to bring a oneiric dimension to Nespresso ’s world in which these new capsules appear as imaginary delights, floating like sweet clouds in the sky. In distancing itself from various graphic codes, Nespresso speaks to the senses – celebrating taste under all its aspects, ranging from sight to touch via smell, with subtly sweet aromas. I wanted to add a hint of reverie, offering delightful capsules for the eyes to relish and to then fly away in each and everyone’s imagination.”
Each of the Variations have been based on the Nespresso Livanto coffee blend which consists of pure Arabica from Southern and Central America. It is well-balanced with roasted caramelised note providing roundness and balance in the finished coffees
Nespresso Variations Macaron 
A harmonious combination of cereal notes and a subtle and sweet almond flavour, emblematic of the macaron pastry.
Intensity: 6
Serving size: Espresso (40ml)
Nespresso Variations Praline 
This flavoured espresso pairs the roundness of Livanto’s base with a delicate roasted hazelnut flavour, enhanced by a touch of caramel sweetness. A harmonious blend reminiscent of a praliné dessert.
Intensity: 6
Serving size: Espresso (40ml)
Nespresso Paris Black 
A very aromatic blend of Arabicas, emboldened by Robusta. It displays notes of cereal and nuts in a syrupy texture, combined with spicy and woody tones.
Intensity: 9 Serving size:
Espresso (40ml)

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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