What is it about getting 4 months off that has me panicking? It is the fact that I know who I am and that I won’t miraculously change into a mommy that likes to stay at home. I need more than just a kid to make me happy. I need something to keep my mind challenged.

I can hear a peanut gallery of mommy’s jumping up and down yelling that it is hard work being a stay at home mom and that my motherly instinct will kick in…

Really, so you find it more challenging to change a nappy than to be a corporate shark? I can think of nothing worse than to be sentenced to the house on diaper duty while my brain rots away. That scares me. That really scares me. Why can’t kids just arrive at the age of 2 and spare the world the litter of diapers?

So what will I do for the next few months?

Hang around the house I guess. Maybe I will try my hand at a hobby or read a book. Maybe I will try colouring-in, I already have the book and crayons. Maybe I will bug my husband at the office. Maybe I will try to teach the cats tricks.

My husband is petrified of a bored wife at home – and he should be. I can do a lot of things that he hates like unpack my toys and leaving them out…


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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