This is it – (almost) the 5 month mark until our lives change (again). Some kid will be moving in with us and attempt to monopolise our time and attention.

Husband has started painting the room with Peppermint Beach 5 from Dulux – but still keeping the one dark chocolate wall. The colour is so fresh and beautiful and I’m actually jealous that my room is going to be a sandy brown reminiscent of beautiful soft beach sand.

Design Team Fabrics

We have also done a quick list of things we still need. The worst to come is the pram and car seat – the rest… buy as you go I guess.

About a pram

We looked at those fancy smancy prams that have a cradle thing that you unhook and then plug into a cradle in your car to use as a car seat. The only problem, it only lasts to about 18Kg.

We are definitely looking at buying the big ticket items that can last for almost 2 years. Don’t mind spending the money, but seriously don’t like wasting money.

Questions for you

  1. Do you have any advice on which car seats and prams to avoid or to look at?
  2. Where did you buy your baby stuff from?
  3. What is the 1 or 2 things that you could not have done without? (Skip over the part of what you needed during your pregnancy…)

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  1. Congrats on the imminent arrival of your little bundle….! Just wanted to say that the one thing I absolutely loved in my journey with babies was a feeding pillow (nursing pillow). It was a huge help with breastfeeding where you could use it to prop baby up or support him/her and later before your little one can sit up alone, you can use it to secure him/her. I loved mine and it’s the one thing I always make sure my soon-to-be-mom friends have. You can find it at any babiesrus or babycity. – All the best!!

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