Who hasn’t dreamt of owning a Barbie house with all the furniture and a car in the garage? Well, if you have the budget you can now spoil your little girl with Barbie Estate products – and you don’t have to buy it all either :).

The range includes everything from indoor furniture and pets; outdoor furniture to let Barbie soak up the sun with her very own hammocks, tables, chairs, braai, umbrella, cooler box and delicious snacks; A moped (or scooter) in pink and yellow with silver accents and a space for her pet will make her travels so much fun too!

Barbie Estate indoor furniture - South African Mommy Blogger

Barbie Estate - South African Mommy Blogger

Barbie Estate Scooter - South African Mommy Blogger

Because Barbie loves hanging out at home, your little girl can help Barbie cook in her very own kitchen with sink, stovetop and all the accessories needed; or watch TV with friends in the livingroom; enjoy a meal around the dining table;

Barbie Estate kitchen plus doll - South African Mommy Blogger

Set your little ones’ imaginations free with Barbie Estate #YouCanBeAnything.


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