Did you know that Mickey Mouse will be celebrating his 90th birthday on 18 November 2018? Here are 9 more things you probably didn’t know about Mickey Mouse:

  1. His very first appearance was in Steamboat Willie on 18 November 1928. Talk about a long career!

  2. He was voiced by the late great Walt Disney from 1928 to 1966! A number of voice actors has since given Mickey his voice.
  3. He has 3 aliases namely Mickey, King Mickey (Kingdom of Hearts) and Bob Crachit (Mickey’s Christmas Carol).
  4. Mickey has played in 22 short films from 1928 to 2013, 11 full-length films from 1934 to 2004 and 6 television series starting from 1955!
  5. He has a pet dog called Pluto.
  6. His significant other is Minnie Mouse.
  7. The very first Mickey Mouse from Steamboat Willie may be public domain by 2024.
  8. There is a one-of-a-kind 2ft/0.61m tall 24-karat gold Mickey Mouse (Celebration Mickey) that weighs 100lb/45 kg. Currently he is for sale, but be warned he is valued at over $4,000,000! However, Celebration Mickey is certified to be an authentic, one-of-a-kind piece by Disneyland Resort. It is signed with the Disney Corporate Trademark on the side of Mickey’s right foot. Disneyland Resort further guarantees that it is the only sculpture of its kind that will ever be made.
  9. In 1930 the German Board of Film Censored prohibited the screening of the cartoon The Barnyard Battle because Mickey was depicted as a soldier fighting his cat enemies that was wearing German-like helmets.

If you caught the Mickey Mouse fever again (like me) you may want to check out all these amazing things you can now own as an adult!

Let’s start with my amazing Mickey cap from Typo! I think I can wear it out – you let me know in the comments below if I can get away with it.

Mickey Mouse Hat from Typo

Typo has a selection of jewellery, stationery and badges for you to choose from.

Pandora also has a selection of delicious Mickey Mouse charms for your bracelet or locket to choose from. These are some of the pieces I have:

Mickey Mouse and Pandora

A Swarovski Mickey Mouse! If I was a collector of ornaments this would be on my desk right now. Unfortunately it retails at almost R5,000 – but it is gorgeous! If however you feel like you really want a Mickey Mouse ornament they also have 2 other options whose price tags are a little smaller.

Swarovski Mickey Mouse Celebration

I’ve also acquired a Mickey Mouse ears headband and wore it out to an event at Montecasino. You are never too old to have fun! Check out my Instastories highlights here.

I’m also planning on seeing the Mickey Mouse statues in Sandton this week… This will be shared next Monday.

Share your memories of Mickey with the hashtags #Mickey90 & #Mickey90Africa.


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