So I missed (my) Mickey Monday, but I will pretend today is Monday and just publish the post I wanted to anyway – because magic!

Who has heard of the giant Mickey Mouse statues that stood in Sandton (until this past weekend)? Well, I went to see them and they were absolutely awesome. There was one that I would put in my office – he had an Africa necklace, giraffe skin arms, leopard and zebra skin legs and the most beautiful traditional print on his pants. This Mickey is what South Africa is – bright, colourful and awesome.

If you still don’t know, Mickey celebrates 90 years from making his first appearance in Steamboat Willie. You can read some fun and interesting facts about Mickey Mouse on last week’s article.

Here is a peek at the awesome statues painted by South African artists.

There is more to the traveling exhibition than Mickey Mouse standing around looking pretty. You can buy Disney clothes, watches and more as well as keep the kids busy at the colouring-in station, race cars and tablets with Mickey content…

Also, just because it’s Disney and there are Mickey’s I’m mentioning this… Dischem has Disney Micropopz! I want Mickey… more than one. Please, thank you and goodbye!


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