I have fond memories of Mozambique –  white beach, wedding and having my closest friends and family with us on that first trip. So obviously we were really excited to have won a stay at Villa Nu Mar near Xai-Xai.

We started the long road from Johannesburg to the Komatipoort border and met up with my parents. We drove the 400km and finally arrived at our destination after many delays. We booked in at Zona Braza’s offices and decided to have dinner at the beautiful restaurant. Friendly people, good food – this is what you can expect.

Zona Braza Mozambique Accommodation
We finally arrived at Villa Nu Mar and my jaw literally just dropped on the ground. The house was just amazing. 3 HUGE bedrooms, 3 HUGE bathrooms with showers you can run laps in, a kitchen with all the modern amenities and a livingroom opening onto a patio that overlooks the ocean. Don’t forget the little splash pool either. The house also comes with a cleaning lady and security guard.

Villa Nu Mar Mozambique Accommodation
I loved staying at Villa Nu Mar. Walking down a down to get to a private beach was heavenly. At low tide a natural rock pool was perfect for frolicking without waves.

Villa Nu Mar Beach

The road may be long to Villa Nu Mar, but it was totally worth it!


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