Roadmap to a Happier Me Challenge: Week 3 Appreciation & Gratitude

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I feel the good vibes after week 2 of my Roadmap to a #HappierMeChallenge. In the past 2 weeks I have done my breathing exercises, paid compliments and enjoyed the smiles of strangers, I even shared a slice of watermelon with 2 strangers on their lunch break outside of Northgate Mall.

The Watermelon incident

I had a great day before stopping at the mall. I had just came from Amazing K autism school where they were blessed to have received a huge donation from Puma Energy. (You can read all about it on their Facebook page.) I felt good. I had a smile on my face – and that is when a complete stranger called me over and offered a slice. The old me would’ve just said no thanks and moved on, but there I was eating a sweet slice of watermelon with 2 strangers on the step of the mall. The universe truly returns good vibes when you put them out there too.

Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for.

Zig Ziglar

Start part 3 of your weekly Roadmap to a #HappierMeChallenge

This week is all about acknowledging the good people in your life, the friends that stand by you, the things that you love – but most importantly I want you to appreciate yourself.

Here is your “homework” for this week:

  • Tell the people closest to you just how much they mean to you. Say I love you to your significant other.
  • Show your appreciation to yourself and go for a coffee date or meal with yourself.
  • Be grateful for all that you have – from the shoes in your closet to the photos you have of great times spent together.

For your mind

  • How is your online course going? Have you finished a few modules?
  • Did you opt for a book and read a few pages?
  • Choose an new affirmation and repeat to yourself whenever you remember or have a moment to yourself
    • I choose to be thankful no matter my circumstances.
    • I am grateful for my health, prosperity and love.
    • I am blessed.
    • I am grateful for everything I have, the people that love me and will leave my door open for more good.

For your body

  • Increase your walking to 20 minutes a day
  • Keep up the simple breathing exercise in your daily routine – do 50 a day
    Stretch your arms in front of you and place your palms on top of each other – inhale. Now let go by moving your left arm to the left until it is in line with your body – let your right hand run down your arm. Now breathe in and center your arms again. Repeat to your right

For your soul

  • Create a list of all the things that you are grateful for
  • Start a creative Gratitude Journal and illustrate each of these things/people/thoughts – let your Gratitude Journal grow and evolve as you get more comfortable with penning your thoughts

You may want to go to the beginning of this self-care challenge:

I really feel gratitude every day in my life that I’m able to do what I love, and I think, because I have that passion and spirit, I’ve had success.

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