Roadmap to a Happier Me Challenge: Week 4 Listen & Be Heard

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Your Week 4 Roadmap to a #HappierMeChallenge reading


This week is all about listening to yourself and being heard by the people in your life. So often we never express our own wants and needs to ourselves, never-mind expressing it to a husband or partner. Or do you have a friend that never listens and always talks?

Listen to yourself, hear and understand what you need. Write it down. Make it happen.

Be Heard

Does your hubby/partner/friend(s) listen to you – or are they always talking? Can you remember the conversations – because they’ve been repeated so many times already? Can your hubby/partner/friend/friend do the same for you? Do you have the opportunity to speak during conversations?

Speak up and let them know that you also need to talk/share… or go back and read week 2s challenge again.

For your mind

  • This week you can choose between new affirmations
    • I am an exceptional listener. I’m mindful. I’m present.
    • I can listen patiently while others talk – but I also want to be heard.
    • My voice is my power. I deserve to be heard.
  • How is your reading or course going?

For your body

  • Your new breathing exercise:
    • Stretch your arms above your head and put your palms together – be ready, because you will be exhaling next
    • Lower both arms to shoulder height and stretch to either side while exhaling
    • Breathe in while moving your arms back into the stretched position above your head
    • Repeat 20 times
  • Keep on walking while enjoying the scenery

For your soul

  • Create an entry in your Gratitude Journal about the people closest to you – and what they mean to you
  • Work on being vocal on what you need and want from those around you

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