I have nothing against my in-laws, but I really dislike having houseguests – especially if I am working fulltime and then go home to find people that I still need to keep company.

They are arriving today, literally a day after we came back from the Maldives. Seriously.

This is my plan for relaxing and not showing any frown lines while they visit:

  1. Use my Mowana Spa sugar rubs – because I roll that way
  2. Stay away from coffee, because I become much shorter fused than usual on the good stuff
  3. Let my husband do all the cooking, because it is his parents after all
  4. Feign tiredness early at night to make a getaway and get to bed by 8
  5. Hide cat cookies on the coach they sit, they dislike cats and my cats love cookies
  6. Have a secret stash of chocolates in my bedside drawer and regularly treat myself for good behaviour
  7. Drink more wine
  8. “Work late” and go shopping instead

Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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