I’ll admit it, I still have some of my childhood toys. I kept them because they mean something to me and they still look good.

When I attended the Prima Toys Christmas launch last year I felt like a kid on Christmas Day… there were new toys, revamped toys from my childhood and something with an African flavour…

Her name is Thando

There they were, the next generation Baby Love Dolls. They could talk and came in different skin tones – making them more relatable. Thando stood out, she was made for the South African market with the right skin tone and speaking Zulu + English!

I believe in mother tongue education, learning a second or third language and that every little girl should have a doll that reflects them. So I was blown away… here was baby Thando and she spoke 2 languages!

Thando meets Lexa

It’s always fun to introduce Lexa to new toys – and when Thando spoke for the first time… I could see just how much that interested Lexa.

I showed her a few times where to press and then Thando was out of my hands and being dragged along by one arm by a little girl. Every so often while I sit and work in my home office I hear a Zulu/English doll and Lexa’s babbling – and I smile.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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