Hands up, who still loves to get in there and play with toys? Me-me-me (I’m jumping up and down)! I love toys and even have them on my desk. I don’t even know how little girls nowadays choose from all that is available…

So this year Prima Toys is just going beyond my wildest dreams with toys for girls. They have everything and a bag of Santa’s toys that will suit every budget and make your kids super excited for Christmas day.

I’m starting off my list of top toys for Christmas with L.O.L. Surprise… because they are cooler than ice and cuter than a box full of puppies.

L.O.L. Surprise – what you need to know

If your little girls loves her L.O.L. Surprise dolls you might be in for lots of nagging this Christmas because you will need to add more “friends” to the collection.

The fun will never stop because there is more sparkle and excitement to the range with a variety of new, mystery-filled L.O.L. products including L.O.L. Pets, L.O.L. Glitter, L.O.L. Confetti, L.O.L. Little Sisters, L.O.L. Surprise Game with Accessory, L.O.L. Water Game and L.O.L. Puzzles! Plus the new L.O.L Surprise is launching in September and includes Pearl Surprise, Bigger Surprise and Underwraps!

Little Live Pets

We have two chirping Little Live Pets that Lexa and my cat (Sandton) loves to play with. My sister’s kids go ga-ga every time they see them too. They are just so much fun!

Fans of the Little Live Pets will be pleased to know that there are new additions to the toy range. Little Live Pets Pup, Little Live Pets Dragon and Little Live Pets Bizzy Bubs.


Little Live Pets Dragons

Introducing the Lil’ Cutie Pups, the latest members of the Little Live Pets family! These little dogs are the cutest pups around. Lil’ Cutie Pups are full of life and love to show off their own personalities as they scamper about, beg and play with you!

Pawberry is super sweet and full of love. Pawberry is a fruity cutie who loves pats and cuddles. This little pup is the pick of the patch!

Sprinky is playful, fun and a friend to everyone! Sprinky creates giggles wherever she goes! She’s cherry, cheeky and a cupcake sweetie!

Starbow is a rainbow on the go! A bag full of fun and giggles who loves being silly! Starbow’s bright, yappy and always happy!

Hatching toys is a trend that will continue in 2018. The Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon comes in a beautiful egg and you don’t know which one is inside until it hatches. Once hatched, the Dragon can hop and flutter its wings. The Little Live Pets Surprise Dragon can be hatched again and again.

Disney Doorables

Coming in October are the Disney Doorables! Unlock Moose Toys Latest Surprise with Glitter Eyes when Doors Open in October 2018!

Disney Doorables

Through a collection of figures and connectable playsets, Disney Doorables empowers kids to become storytellers by uniting beloved Disney characters in one land – where surprise and delight await behind each door.

You may also want to read what is coming from Disney this Christmas and find out when is Mickey Mouse’s birthday 🙂


SCRUFF-A-LUVSScruff-a-luvs are adorable fur ball, rescued pets. The pets come in pink or blue and untangle in water to reveal your puppy. Find us Scruffy, Make us Fluffy! These unloved and abandoned pets are in need of your help! When buying your Scruff-a-Luv, they arrive as a sad ball of matted pink fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you will discover your puppy! Available mid September.

I’m just going to say this, there is nothing that can tug on my heartstrings like a rescue pet. I have 3 rescues and they are the most loving companions. The Scruff-a-luvs are just the most gorgeous toys that will teach kids about adopting and taking care of what may look like an ugly pet.


I can’t even start to describe how much my niece bugs me about my Shopkins… she collects them! The only ones I couldn’t bear to part with was my Little Cutie Cars… they are just the most adorable things on wheels – and I would never give them up.

Shopkins are great little gifts at an affordable pricepoint. From the small collectible Shopkins, to the world of Shoppies and now Shoppets, the Shopkins universe features different themes for every season, sparks the imagination and provides endless hours of enjoyment. Shopkins fans can continue to grow their collections with more characters and additional playsets that all connect to each other to build a complete Shopkins world.

This season sees the launch of Shopkins’ Season Nine – Wild Style, which introduces the Shoppets. They are adorable little pets for the Shoppies dolls and are larger than a Shopkin, but smaller than a Shoppie.

These furry Shoppets come in different designs, such as Pupkin Cake the puppy, Ambear the bear and Kitty Crumbles the kitten who accompany the Season 9 Shopkins on wild adventures around their hometown of Pawville. Join in the adventure as Shopkins and Shoppies discover the Shoppets world of Pawville, where life isn’t just awesome, but “pawsome”.

This latest range also features an array of new Shopkins. There are over 11 Shopkins Wild Style tribes to collect and they feature different finishes including colour change, glitter and jeweled. There is also the ultra-rare Shimmery Unicorn Shopkins tribe.

2018 also sees the launch of the Shopkins Small Mart Range. Now fans can go on a Shopkins™ spree and they can shop to their hearts’ content in the  Shopkins Small Mart universe.  The shopping themed playsets include a delivery shute, treadmill registers, check-out counter, shopping trolleys and more.

Something top secret is happening in Shopville. Shopkins Lil Secrets is another range to look out for and will be available in stores in October. Hint: they are little playsets that Shoppies can play with.

Fans of Shopkins Happy Places will be pleased to discover that the house and furniture-themed range will be added to, with new rainbow themed toys and playsets. Everything in Shopkins Happy Places is centred on tiny furniture and home accessories and features the Petkins. The Lil Shoppies dolls that are included with the Happy Places playsets are the new cute kids on the block in Happyville. Playsets include Kitty Kitchen, Dreamy Bear, Bathing Bunny, Slumber Bear Party, Bunny Laundry, Mousy Hangout, and now, with the new range, there will be plenty more to choose from and collect.

Shopkins Happy Places

Shopkins Cutie Cars have surpassed expectations and continue to be a hit in terms of collectible toys. These die cast vehicles are as cute as the Shopkins and each car features its very own Shopkins character in the driver’s seat.

Pikmi Pops and Cake Pops

Pikmi Pops and Cake Pops

You won’t be able to resist unwrapping a Pikmi or Cake Pop – I can promise you that. Inside you will find a scented little plushie and other goodies.

Created by the same company that brought Shopkins to the world,Pikmi Popsoffer multiple ways of play. The Pikmi Plushie can be displayed inside the lollipop or hung from its dangler string on a school backpack, favourite bag, spiral notebook or pencil case. It can be part of a collection, and it can be swapped with other Plushie friends.

The Pikmi Plushies come in a variety of sweet scents, ranging from chocolate and bubblegum to watermelon. There are over 45 mini Pikmi Plushies to collect, including Fluffy Ultra Rare and Shiny Limited Edition Pikmis. Part of the fun is that you don’t know what you will get inside until you unwrap it!

Cake Pops is a new line of collectibles that ticks the boxes on several current trends by combining the unboxing appeal of the Pikmi Pops with the satisfying appeal of the slow-rise squishes, all packaged in a colourful “cake pop”.

Seriously, whomever came up with this should be tickled silly!

Baby Love

Remember Thando the talking (isiZulu & English) doll Lexa loves so much? Well, she is part of Prima Toys’ own range of dolls, Baby Love. They speak our languages and that makes them very special.

Other dolls in this range includes Baby Bella who speaks English and Baba Tasha who speaks Afrikaans. Parents and little girls can look forward to a new isiXhosa speaking doll this year as well as be on the lookout for the Baby Love Buggy.

Baby Born

IBaby Born is a wonderful product range that has been around for 26 years. The Baby Born dolls feature lifelike functions like tearing, feeding, drinking and wetting. Numerous accessories are included with each doll ensuring that little girls can role play and take care of their doll as if it were a real baby. Accessories include plate and spoon, a potty, a dummy, a diaper and a sachet of baby doll food. Baby Born new soft body

Features of the new Baby Born rage include being soft to the touch (their bodies are soft and seamless), super movable (there is improved motion of arms and legs) and more easily crying real tears.

Baby Annabell

Baby Annabell® is almost like a real baby with lifelike functions and a cute expression on her face. She responds to touches, can cry real tears and loves her bottle and dummy. When she drinks her bottle or sucks her dummy, she delightfully opens and closes her eyes, while her mouth moves realistically. Patting her on the back helps her burp like a real baby. Rocking her from side to side makes her feel sleepy. When she cries, tear drops start to fall from her eyes. She yawns, closes her eyes and begins to breathe gently.

Baby Secrets

Baby Secrets is a retro toy that has made a comeback. Baby Secrets is collectibles range which features a unique element, that of discovering if the character is a boy or a girl by bathing it in water. The nappy changes colour to either blue or pink to reveal the gender. How’s that for a surprise?!

There are fifty Baby Secrets characters to collect. Each with their own cute look and accessory – from bunny ears and bowls worn as a hat to headphones, berets, chef’s hats, mask and snorkel, beanies and glasses. Created especially for girls aged four and over, Baby Secrets are fun to collect, swap and display.

My Fairy Garden

An enchanting range that features fairies and unicorns and introduces children to the changing of the seasons, gardening and how plants grow. The toys are perfect for girls aged 4 years and older. Children love toys that allow them to be creative and to learn about their environment; and with My Fairy Garden playsets they have the opportunity to learn even more about nature. Let your little girl learn while being immersed in the enchanting and magical land of fairies. Playsets include My Fairy Garden – Lilypad Gardens, My Fairy Garden – Fairy Garden, My Fairy Garden – Fairy Picnic Basket, My Fairy garden – Unicorn and Friends and My Fairy Garden – Fairy Flowerpot.


The cutest things since Sandton was a kitten… Unicorn Fingerlings! However you can also get the monkey or dinosaur! They are cute as hell and should not be left unattended… because they will steal hearts and find new owners.

This season there really is something for everyone! For more information, go to www.primatoys.co.za or www.Facebook.com/primatoys

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