I challenged my friends to send a pic of what’s in their handbags… and I was super surprised.

I will start off with my handbag contents – feel free to let me know what’s in your bag!

Handbag Contents

I don’t have much in my Nine West bag as it is only a medium sized bag. I carry around an A5 Lou Harvey notepade with a pink Parker pen, a Ordinger & Reda card holder with all my loyalty cards and a banknote or 2. I also have a Gautrain card in case I need to use public transport and carry a few coins for car guards.Then I have 4 lipglosses (MAC, SmashBox and GOSH) in case I need to go into a meeting or need to get some colour onto my face and a SOIL Relax stick (they really work). I also have a Catrice eyeshadow from the Elle magazine I bought and a Valentine’s day sucker from Woolies. The only item missing, my iPhone that is taking the pics.

Next up is my techie friend’s handbag – she is the one that does all the girly events with me.


Like me, Miss K has a lot of lippies in her bag and a small card holder. She also carries a full Guess purse, MedLemon, eyedrops, handsanitizer, handcream, a mini brush, mints and a harddrive.

Lastly, I have a pic of my creative friend’s handbag contents. Keeping in mind that she carries a small 15x15cm sling…


Yes, all of this goes into her teeny tiny little handbag – I have seen it. There are just so many random things in here, but it actually all makes complete sense.

She upcycles the bottle tops and can rings (or give it to a kid for school).She has some random forex coins, South African paper money, hair tie, lipgloss – and a coffee bean (?????). Small notebook with various pens, cherry Zambuk, an event ticket, a bizcard (?), passport pics, 2 rings, a pendant, safety pins, slogan pins, a medal, folded notes, lipstick, a gift card, wipes, purse, silver cat – and a crystal ball…

The handbag analysis

The 3 handbags say quite a bit about us. 2 of us have an unhealthy obsession with our lips but we carry quite a few functional items.

I have a few handbags and you will find a lipgloss or 2 in each – even if the handbag is not in use. I am a nomad that plans for eventualities. I travel light and change often.

Miss K plans for any sicknesses and germs. She is a planner 🙂

…and one of us have so much stuff going on. Miss B’s handbag closely resembles her mind. Full of interesting things, but a maze to navigate.


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  1. sensual_sloth Reply

    Totally a lipstick and lip-gloss world in those bags 😉

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