Time is just flying by and the kids are growing faster than weeds. Plus here I am, trying to spend as much time as possible with them – and somehow fitting in the school things, work and play time.

Last year we reviewed some of the Zimpli Kids Goo which Lexa and her cousin loved. This time around we have new products. I love that Zimpli Kids’ products are a sensory “toy” and that it is environmentally-friendly.

The squeals of delight when they realise its playtime makes the clean-up worthwhile. Obviously both kids tried to eat it too…

Since my oldest is now learning responsibility, she gets to do it all.

  • Pouring the glittery (pre) goo into a bucket
  • Learning to pour the water slowly to not splash the “dust”
  • Mixing it all into a fun goo

Lessons to learn

  • Other small lessons they can learn is about density and liquid – what happens if I just hold it in my hand VS squeezing it
  • Name the colour of the goo
  • Describe the goo

Just some of the Zimpli Kids products



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