I have been really quiet the last few days, I know. I have packed the bull by the horns and started painting the walls in our Joburg house. My wrist, back and shoulder really need oil. I can however say that I have finished the livingroom that has the longest wall ever. Next up, the rest of the downstairs house…

I’ve also decided that I need a new hobby that isn’t too messy (yeah right) and that I would be able to use for the greater good of mankind (just joking). I now do screenprinting – and I absolutely love it. I attended a workshop with ZANA in Joburg on Sunday and learnt all about it.

At the ZANA screenprinting workshop we learnt about paints, fabrics and how to make your own stencil. My initial thought on a stencil was to make starfish but cutting little cirlces…too much work for me, so I reverted to my other great love, cats.

I created these lovely critters – what do you think of my kittens?

I printed 6 scatter cushions and a tea towel. My husband seems to like them, so our house now has 3 live cats and soon cushions with cats that remind visitors who actually runs the house.

I do have a little surprise of a new project that I have always wanted to do, I have the website domain, I just need to start it. I am making a last ditch effort to do something amazing with this year.


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