Since 2013 Cotton Candyfloss has been one of the go-to online retailers for locally designed and produced gifts for babies and toddlers. Making it the place to shop for baby showers / 1st birthdays or any other special occasions – and delivered nationwide via courier.

Cotton Candyfloss is all about ‘supporting local’/ ‘Local is lekker’.

Litza has her hand in the design of all the items on her shop and makes some of the items herself – but she also outsources to local companies and other entrepreneurs – who in turn also source local materials.

Still growing

In the beginning finding suppliers who would work with a ‘young company’ and supply small quantities was one of the obstacles – but when you are a small business, you are just that more determined.

Cotton Candyfloss as an online business relies a lot on Facebook marketing, bloggers writing reviews and mommy groups to create awareness. As a budding business, expansion is always top of mind. First on the cards is a showroom, building a loyal local customer base and also working/planning towards getting products into the international market.

About the products

One of the best-selling products from Cotton Candyfloss has been the sibling T-shirts / baby grows – Little Brother/ Big Brother and Lil Sister/ Big Sister.


Another product that is very popular is the Milestone Blackboard. It grows with kids and can be used as a photo prop or room décor item – and is great for recording milestones.

cotton candyfloss milestone-board

In the media

Cotton Candyfloss was featured on You, baby & I , Joburg Darling,  Rattle & Mum. Some products were featured in magazines: Joburg Style, Your Baby, Baba & Kleuter.

Sage advice from someone who has been there

Don’t rely on just one supplier. Have ‘backup suppliers’ who you can turn to when one can’t help you.

  • Mistakes in business can be costly, but it’s good to make a few as it helps you learn more about yourself and your business’s limitations, and you make sure you don’t repeat those mistakes.
  • Learn not to take things personally. Accept criticism and use it to better your business.
  • Customer Services is KEY!

How the name Cotton Candyfloss came about

It is always interesting to learn how business owners decided on the names of their companies. Litza wanted something that was sweet, fun and memorable. Since most baby things are pretty, pink and made of cotton, she decided on Cotton Candyfloss.

About Litza

Litza is a mom of a toddler and baby – with 2 furry kids on the way (kitten and puppy). When she isn’t working on Cotton Candyfloss she enjoys food and craft markets, sampling new things, baking and afternoon teas.

She used to be an accountant in London, but on her return to South Africa she yearned for a lifestyle that would allow her to stay at home with the kids. This gave her the time and inspiration to start Cotton Candyfloss.

Where to find and contact Cotton Candyfloss

Phone/whattsap : 0725570255 / 072 2700835


Susann is a travel, parenting, beauty and lifestyle blogger in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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