It is interesting to read what the fashion magazines predict for this year. I’ve summed it up to save you a bit of time.

According to Marie Claire the 80s will be making a comeback; The romantic look with braids and tea-stained lips and eyes will be big; The smokey eye is out and the smudged eye is in; Big hair is out and sleek side-parted hair is in; Contouring and bronzers are out and lipsticks on cheeks are in.
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Glamour predicts Mermaid eyes, belted ponytails, Rapunzel hair, fiery ombre lips, arts & crafts nails, diamond nails, embellished braids, matte eyes/lips/skin, surfergirl blond locks, milk as a beauty treatment, bangs and no makeup.
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Hello Magazine has taken some inspiration from Pinterest and predicts no heat hairstyles, chrome powder nails, cut-crease makeup, braided topknots, charcoal masks, ash balayage, Jojoba oil, headscarves, microblading and lip & cheek stains.
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Vogue also predicts that the 80s with its bright lips are back; They are also predicting clean skin, braids, smudged eyes, surfer-style beauty, glitter everywhere, slick side partings, unexpected colour, lipstick as a blush and your ears as a focus point.
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Here are my predictions for 2017…I will always be lazy to create a look for work – I really just need lipgloss and mascara to get by. If however you spot me out doing anything but work I will look fabulous.

Benefit Cosmetics posie tint

Note on lip and cheek stains – Benefit Cosmetics has my favourite and it is called Posie Tint. I have had this for more than a year so it isn’t really a new thing – but it is amazing. Read the article I wrote about it here.


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