I can still remember the days of slipping into a size 34. It was heavenly. I was even happy as a size 36. I felt wonderful in my 36’s. I felt confident and skinny.

Then somewhere between my (now) husband moving in and getting married I started to really gain weight. I gained 15kg and then my whole infertility nonsense started and I gained another 10kg. I was weighing in on 96kg. A whale.

I actually could not stand looking at myself anymore. It was just a horrific tragedy looking more like a shape than the curvy person I once was. To top everything off this year I have had bronchitis and flu for a total of 10 weeks so there was no way in this world that I could exercise.

Soup diet for weightlossI wasn’t ready to do another fad diet where I starved and craved everything. I buckled up and made soup for lunch for most of the winter. Obviously I cheated quite a bit with snacks as when I’m sick I am the most pitiful creature you would ever meet.

Today I am 7kg lighter and down to 89kg. I would love to reach 85kg this year so I am going to soup it up for the rest of winter.

The soup

My “diet soup” is nothing special. A packet of pre-cut soup mix from Pick n Pay, add some barley and boil until soft. Then mush it all up. Add a little salt, but no soup powder. That is it. Healthy as only vegetables with no preservatives can be.


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